Brandon Hallinan is a Project Manager for Northern Lights Solutions, a product innovation firm that has been working with firms across the globe since 2009 to solve some of today’s toughest new product development challenges.  We serve commercial companies along with life sciences organizations, international corporations and government institutions.

Mr. Hallinan brings to NLS’s existing team a unique set of skills in SolidWorks and parametric modeling. He is experienced in 3D scanning and reverse engineering, prototyping, concept ideation, and design for manufacturability; including injection molding, die casting, and sheet metal. Prior to joining NLS, Mr. Hallinan was a Mechanical Design Engineer at Bay Area Innovations, Inc., where he designed and developed products for a variety of markets, including the medical, agricultural, consumer, industrial, and military sectors.  Mr. Hallinan is well versed in using FEA and CFD simulation tools to ensure product sustainability.  Furthermore, his experience as a machinist has given Mr. Hallinan extensive background knowledge in machining and manufacturing processes, which translates in his ability to design complex parts for manufacturing.

Mr. Hallinan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida. His most recent successes at NLS include medical product development, CAD conversion, and the design of automation machinery for packaging and web converting applications.