Heavy Equipment Design

Tough Trucks for Hauling Water

At Hi-Vac Corporation, focusing on the environment and sustainability are not simply words or slogans but are the foundation of our livelihood and business. For over 40 years Hi-Vac has provided products and systems that tackle some of the toughest infrastructure, maintenance and clean-up challenges in the world. From the largest metropolitan city to the most critical power plant, Hi-Vac products are at work behind the scenes maintaining the infrastructure, improving air quality, non-destructively excavating, recycling, cleaning and maintaining the environment.

Hi-Vac approached NLS about doing some of the design work on their new Brine Truck program.  Brine Trucks are important in the new Fracking industry where brine is injected into wells to fracture rock and get more oil and gas out of the ground.

This was a very exciting project where we took a stock truck chassis and designed a tank and all the components to hold brine water and pump the water and then receive the water back into the tank.  The project included the structural engineering and certification for the tank design as well.

This was a great project and we can’t wait to see the trucks on the road.