Our team of experts are dedicated to both basic and applied research aimed at discovering solutions to problems. The majority of our R&D is centered around the development of new materials and their applications which facilitate future product development.

In today’s fast changing world,  firms must either continually develop new products and technology or work with an outside research organization like Northern Lights Solutions to stay competitive.  Our team of researchers are put to work on developing your new intellectual property to give your business an advantage over your competitors.

Some Northern Lights Solutions R&D that has been commercialized include:

  • Short fiber length carbon fiber reinforced nylon for improved impact resistance that is used in scientific instruments
  • Managed initial phase of procurement program for rare earth materials from six different potential vendors in China
  • Wood fiber composite polyethene for a recycled wood plastic as a replacement for formaldehyde based MDF material for office furniture
  • Carbon powder reinforced highly plasticized nylon for improved impact resistance and still enable WiFi signal
  • Coating processes for 3D printed aluminum powder for prototype fuel cell tooling to increase tool life
  • Evaluation of Inconel alloy 718 stainless steel plate material and manufacturing process
  • Prototype production of composite rubber/wire material as replacement for lead based flashings
  • Composite laminate design of jet engine bellmouth
  • Evaluation of alloy 310L stainless steel plate material and manufacturing process
  • Composite shutter slat material to increase resistance to bending to reduce production costs
  • Water based UV stable pigment system to improve the weatherability of natural window blind materials
  • High resin content bamboo composite material for outdoor furniture
  • Replacement material for PVC bags at Big Box retailer