Markets We Serve

Today's complex world demands that a company delivers meaningful and timely results. Here at Northern Lights Solutions, we solve some of today's toughest challenges.

Northern Lights Solutions’s major clients include global corporations across industries and several federal agencies in the US government. Our clients are facing challenges and to address these issues we provide expert analysis and functional engineering expertise. Our team focused culture ensures a collaborative relationship with our clients and results that endure.

We focus on five core markets: Transportation, Energy, Life Sciences, Industrial and US Government Agencies.

Life Sciences

Northern Lights Solutions is committed to helping health and life sciences companies develop new products and process to improve patient care. Our Life Sciences focus is on developing medical devices and other new products for clean water, food processing and other segments, to improve the human condition.


Advanced Solutions for the Transportation Industry
We leverage R&D, Technology and Intellectual Property to create solutions that meet critical customer needs. Our clients are involved in Automotive, Marine, Aerospace and Rail industries.


At Northern Lights Solutions, we have a broad set of capabilities to help our customers in energy markets. We apply decades of technical and environmental expertise to solve customer problems. Our clients are involved in Oil and Gas, Wind, Solar and Fuel Cell industries.


As the world demands more new and better new products and services, the demand for better manufacturing and industrial processes is greater than ever. We specialize in partnering with our customers to develop innovative new products, tooling, processes and facilities.

US Government

Our US Government business is focused on developing cost effective solutions to the ever changing missions of our customers in the development of new products for today government, intelligence and military agencies.