Imagining the Possibilities

FactoryNLS works with clients to help them solve design and engineering problems.  Clients have trusted NLS for nearly 10 years.  Our capabilities include cutting edge technology and our leading team of engineers and designers are helping clients explore new ideas and bring new solutions to market.


NLS offers a broad range of engineering capabilities.  Our team of engineering professionals work on the most pressing engineering and applied science issues facing commercial, life sciences, government, and international customers.

Our capabilities include:

NLS has been providing  services to customers around the globe since 2009.  We have the training, experience, tools and determination to solve the most complex issues facing businesses today. We continually strive to help our customers develop their products, processes, and facilities to build their economic success and meet their business objectives. Our team of dedicated engineers is with you throughout the entire production process so that we can make sure your product gets to market smoothly.