Advancing Our Additive Manufacturing Program

As additive manufacturing becomes more important to our business, we realized that we must continually improve our capabilities and drive improvements in the manufacturing part of the operation. The Design Department Perspective When designing new products, one of the greatest assets an engineer can utilize in the design process is a 3D printer to produce […]

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NLS Moving to New Office at USF Research & Development Park
NLS Office

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we will be moving from our current location in downtown Tampa to our new offices at the University of South Florida Research and Innovation Park.   As we grow our abilities in engineering and design, it is important to our team to have access to the capabilities […]

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Renewable Energy Replacing Fossil Fuels

Currently, 85% of the worlds energy is provided by fossil fuels. The problem, however, is that these resources are constantly being depleted with no methods to replace them. If these energy sources continue to be used at their current rates, we will have exhausted all known reservoirs of oil by 2062, coal by 2134, and […]

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