David Hozeska
Senior Package Engineer

I received the model this morning and it looks great! I was able to show it around to a few people in St. Louis and everyone has been impressed. [/ezcol_1third]


Dave McNaughton
CEO and Founder

I’m writing to thank everyone at NLS for their prompt and professional execution of the finite element analysis on Stealth Step’s latest iteration. I know we’ll be back for future projects. [/ezcol_1third]


CentMPKelley Kuehne
Engineering Manager

I thought the project went well.  I know you saved us a lot of time and turned the project around more quickly than we could have done ourselves.  I think this was a good first step and I hope we find more opportunities to work together. [/ezcol_1third_end]



Mel Weinzimer
Director of Sales/Marketing

I want to express our appreciation for the input your company has contributed to our programs and developing new opportunities.  Your knowledge of markets and the technical support provided has enabled our team to penetrate new industries.[/ezcol_1third]


Jerry Kovach
VP of Research & Development

NLS’ ability to step right in and run with  a complicated project was critical and the reason why they got the job. [/ezcol_1third]


Image result

Mwita John
Industrial Engineer

Out of all the proposals we received, we felt that yours was closest to what we had in mind for our company & the most realistic in terms of reaching our goals in the allotted time.  You may be interested to know that the proposal was unanimously agreed upon by our management and engineering team.[/ezcol_1third_end]


David Longdue
Operations Manager

We were in need of a good manufacturer. NLS is always on time and the quality is great. Great customer service, too. Everything was finished and set out within the given deadline. [/ezcol_1third]



Paula Mayor
VP of Tech. Development

NLS saved us time and money, and their expertise brought this project together brilliantly within our short time frame.[/ezcol_1third]


Jon Hallsten
President and Founder

I appreciate your company’s help and professionalism through this process. [/ezcol_1third_end]


Nottingham Spirk

Paul Stephens
Mechanical Design Team

We mentioned NLS to another company looking for engineering help.  NLS  earned the referral by doing good and timely work. Both Jason Ertel and I agreed that NLS should be the company to contact for this job.[/ezcol_1third]


Joe Spaulding
Balance Team

 Northern Lights Solutions documentation is very detailed and well explained.  This is reassuring to us to proceed with tooling and manufacturing.  Well done mentioned NLS. b.[/ezcol_1third]