LaseRequest a Quoter scanning of products is an efficient and time saving way of defining a product.  Manual measuring and updates can be extremely expensive alternative.  3D laser scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light.  The output of Laser Scanning is a point cloud of data and this point cloud can be converted to an editable 3D model.

Benefits of Laser Scanning

  • Some of today’s legacy products only have 2D drawings and physical models and Laser Scanning can be used to develop a new 3D model
  • Reverse engineering can be much easier when using Laser Scanning to define complex geometry
  • The “as built” condition of some products can vary greatly from the initial design and Laser Scanning can be a great tool to document the revision
  • Easily deisng part to fit up with an existing part
  • Can be accurate for very fine details
  • An inexpensive way to inspect complex parts

Applications for 3D Laser ScanningAutomotive-Bell-Housing-Reverse-Engineering

  • Reverse engineering
  • Inspection and metrology
  • Large object scanning
  • On-site facility layout confirmation