Additive manufacturing is an exciting new frontier in new product innovation. Our additive manufacturing (3D printing) service produces custom functional prototypes and production parts from your design models within days. We have machines that can provide FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), Polyjet and Laser Sintering processes.

FDM Process

The FDM  additive process builds prototypes layer by layer from a durable engineering grade ABS material.  Since the materials are very similar to standard injection molded parts, the parts are able to endure heat, chemicals, physical forces, and other functional testing.

  • Allows you to test fit and function
  • Won’t warp, shrink, or absorb moisture
  • Durable material that can withstand sanding, painting, and chrome plating
  • 9 standard colors: Ivory, White, Black, Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Olive Green, Nectarine, and Fluorescent Yellow

Polyjet Process

With our polyjet process, we have the ability to print multiple material types and multiple materials at the same time in a production machine.  We can print standard plastic materials, clear materials and rubber materials in multiple colors all on the same part at the same time.  Materials like ABSplus, high temperature plastics, rubber-like flexible , and transparent materials are all available.  In all, over 1000 different materials are available.



Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototyping allows companies to compress the design and development cycle, improve communication, and resolve issues between the customer, design engineering, and production teams.  When using design data, you can have products in your hand within days, or even hours, for evaluation and testing.

Manufacturing Tools

In today’s world, product complexity is increasing, production runs are decreasing, and lead-times are getting shorter and shorter. That little bit of tooling you need could be perfectly satisfied by our 3D printed tooling capabilities.

Production Parts

There are times when only one, two, or 10 parts is an entire production run, and the most cost effective solution is a 3D printed production part.