Aerodynamic Analysis is modeling of the air or fluid flow as it interacts with surrounding solids. Here at NLS we are using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) tools to improve products and processes. The reason for using advanced simulation tools is to reduce the time and money it takes to get a design from the conceptual stage, through engineering, and into manufacturing. In essence, we are able to develop digital prototypes, test, and improve them much faster than through traditional prototyping and even newer 3D printing prototype processes.

CIP Aero Engineering
NLS uses Aero Engineering Tools to Solve CIP

Our capabilities include:

  • Electronic thermal design
  • HVAC sytems
  • External aero around cars, buildings, and structures
  • Solar heating
  • Human comfort and ventilation
  • Heat transfer in valves and manifolds
  • Fluid flow in pipes, valves, faucets, and pumps
  • Aero/hydro analysis of marine products
  • Virtual wind tunnel