A quick summary of a great article from Desktop Engineering on using outside simulation experts:

Consultants can be lifesavers, or at least project-savers.  Here are the must-do steps for a great outcome.

Construction Equipment Structural Simulation
Construction Equipment Structural Simulation by NLS
  1. Decide whether you even need a consultant.
  2. Be confident you’re choosing the right company by asking the right questions up front.
  3. Determine the path that starts at proposal and ends with results.
  4. Communication and progress tracking are critical.
  5. Ensure that the analysis you receive is valid.
  6. Make sure you’re comfortable with how the company estimates and structures billing.
  7. Find out how security and intellectual property concerns are handled.

The simulation consultant should provide you with a sounding board as the voice of experience.  Be clear about your goals, but open to suggestions – sometimes an initial conversation steers the project onto a much more efficient path.  Ultimately, working with an outside analyst should be a productive and satisfying process for both of you.

For the compete article see:  http://www.deskeng.com/de/7-keys-working-outside-simulation-analysts/

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