Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is very excited to announce that we have been awarded a new contract from Competition Composites Inc. to design new composite aerospace components.

In the past, products were made with traditional materials such as aluminum and steel which have some disadvantages compared to newer materials.  The trend is now to use newer composite materials because they are lightweight and display strength.  Not only do they have these advantages but they have also become the new hot commodity because when designed and built correctly they can be a lower price point in the market.  With their characteristics of being lighter, stronger and cheaper there is now a huge demand for manufacturing companies to use these composite materials into their products.

But there is a challenge companies face as these newer composites are more complex to understand.  The common design techniques used in the past do not apply for these new materials.  We here at NLS have the talent, experience and the advanced simulation tools to model the stresses of displacements of not just the whole body of a product but down to the individual layers of the composite as well.    Composition Composites have relied on NLS in the past because of our advanced knowledge and expertise in this area.  They are confident that with our state-of-the-art simulation tools we will design it correctly and quickly so production can begin for their aero components and not be delayed.

Competition Composites Inc. is a great customer for NLS and we are excited to be working with them on new projects.  For more information on CCI please see their website here.

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