When my in-laws visited recently they brought their voice-enabled speaker with them.  When retired grandparents can’t live without their speaker, the revolution in voice controlled user interfaces is in full swing.  As a product innovation firm, Northern Lights Solutions has been at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) charge, and now we are embracing the voice control user interface.

Canalys Research predicted that 56.3 million smart speaker devices will be shipped in 2018. The growth of these devices is not expected to slow with a majority of US households having a smart device by Speaker share2022 where the total number of devices will top 175 million units according to a Juniper Research paper published in November of 2017.   This new user interface is being tested across generations with 25 million Millennials having used a voice enabled assistant compared to 16 million Gen X and 9.9 million Boomers according to eMarkerter in April of 2017.

With a growing market and a small footprint of devices that can be accessed and controlled with a voice user interface the opportunities for new product development are enormous.


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