We wanted to extend a huge congratulations to the winners of the Great Lakes Energy Institute’s Clean Energy Student Competition. Six student teams went up against each other to showcase their innovative designs. Each team was tasked to create a sustainable energy solution with the potential to be integrated into the marketplace.

To give you an idea of the kind of innovative thinking that was present at this competition, one of the teams that unfortunately didn’t place this year–WES Power–came up with the idea for a self-charging phone case that has the ability to harvest ambient energy from both the environment and the user.

This year’s winners included:

1st Place:     CrystalE (Xuqian Zheng, Jonathan Colon, Andrew Ritosa, Swetha Ravi)

2nd Place:   Greenlite  (Ian Ferre, Evan Harris, Samuel Crisanti, Quentin Baker)

3rd Place:    EnPower  (Shariq Ali, Nayyir Qutubuddin, David Buckmaster)

We are especially proud of EnPower, which we previously teamed up with to develop an automated energy shutoff system for homes that would reduce energy use associated with heating and cooling homes and small businesses by 20%.

Certainly, congratulations are in order to everyone who participated! It’s this kind of innovative thinking that will help us to combat climate change.

For the full article, please visit CWRU’s website.

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