Product Design in an Age of Tariffs Requires Flexibility
Tariff Rates by Country

A new customer recently asked us how we were going to design his product and organize the production in our new age of tariffs and non tariff barriers to trade?  I thought it was a great question and our answer is centered around flexibility. Tariffs are when a country tries to protect a domestic industry […]

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Triple Beam Technologies Continues to Make the News
Triple Beam Technology

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. (NLS) customer Triple Beam Technologies continues to make the news with their new Cannibuster product.  In this video, the Cannibuster prototype product, designed by NLS, makes is first public debut.  We are very excited to be a part of the Triple Beam Technologies team and look forward to more great news […]

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Digital Ecosystem
Digital Ecosystems

Clients are talking more and more with us about their digital ecosystem.  Specifically how their new product development plans fit into their new digital ecosystem.  We have seen enough interest that it felt like time to have a more in depth discussion.  Garner’s classic definition of a digital ecosystem is, “an interdependent group of actors […]

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Doing More Product Development with Less

To put it simply, there are not enough engineers in the United States.  A shortage of engineers means that a vital pipeline for innovation and manufacturing of new products has been narrowed.  For the eighth consecutive year, engineers are included on the annual list of the U.S. Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill, according to […]

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NLS Awarded Contract by Nottingham Spirk
NS Logo

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a contract from Nottingham Spirk to provide services on one of their new programs.  For over 46 years, Nottingham Spirk has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated over $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. The business innovation and product design firm […]

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NLS Granted Contract for Cannibuster Product Development
Cannibuster Team

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been awarded a new product development contract with Triple Beam Technologies, Inc. for their new Cannibuster Marijuana test equipment.  With the legalization of marijuana in different capacities in some states, measures must be taken to make sure citizens are responsible with their consumption.  Steps […]

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US Funding for Science Continues to Decline
US Research Spending

The United States is a leader in technological innovation and no country in the world has been able to create tech companies that can compete with the scale and pace of innovation of the United States. This position has been built on a foundation of investment in fundamental research and development. An investment that has […]

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NLS Awarded Contract to Develop Digital Prototypes for CCI

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a new contract to create a digital prototype of carbon fiber composite products and simulate their performance from Competition Composites Inc. Since 2002, Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) has been serving the global sailing and composites communities.  CCI offers quality and reliable products and services you can count on, […]

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US Falls Out of Innovation Index Top Ten
Innovation Map

Bloomberg has just released their 2018 Innovation Index and the United States has fallen out of the Top Ten for the first time since they have been tracking this index. The top five economies are South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland. The index measures economies based on R&D Intensity, Manufacturing Value-Added, Productivity, High-Tech Density, […]

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