NLS has a long history of developing plastic parts, molds, and test fixtures. Because of this, we have been commissioned by Venture Plastics to provide manufacturing engineering services to design and develop check fixtures for its new Toyota Camry injection molding program. Confirming plastic part quality is all about understanding the functional requirements for the parts. In addition, it necessitates turning those requirements into inspection points to ensure that good quality parts are made. This is well within our wheelhouse, and we are honored to have been chosen for this task.

About Venture Plastics

Check FixturesVenture Plastics first opened its doors in 1969. Since then, the company has achieved the status of “Best in Class” supplier, offering its customers a total solutions package for injection molding components and assemblies. Venture Plastics specializes in custom injection molding services. However, the company also offers services such as engineering support, prototyping, tooling, finishing, and assembly.

For more information about the company, please visit the website here.

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