NLS Receives Contract from Squared Up Corp
NLS Customer Squared Up Corporation

Northern Lights Solutions Inc is excited to announce that we have been issued a contract  from our new customer, Squared Up Corporation.  Squared Up Corporation is a sporting goods company that provides the only golf alignment aid which provides precision alignment for every club in the bag and works anywhere and anytime.

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NLS Receives Contract from Quickdrain

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have received a contract for design services from our new client Quickdrain.  Quickdrain is an award-winning linear shower drain manufacturer.  QuickDrain USA, invites you to explore the possibilities for the curbless shower of your dreams! Our innovative products have revolutionized shower design, combining alluring form and effortless […]

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NLS Awarded New Contract from Tuthill
Tuthill logo

Northern Lights Solutions is excited to announce that we have been selected by Tuthill to provide digital prototype services.  Tuthill just celebrated their 125th year in business and we are proud to be working with such a well established company. At Tuthill, they are proud to create the pumps, blowers, vacuum systems, meters and plastics […]

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NLS Granted Contract for Cannibuster Product Development
Cannibuster Team

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been awarded a new product development contract with Triple Beam Technologies, Inc. for their new Cannibuster Marijuana test equipment.  With the legalization of marijuana in different capacities in some states, measures must be taken to make sure citizens are responsible with their consumption.  Steps […]

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Northern Lights Solutions is Working on Another Project with Competition Composites

Based in Ontario, Canada, Competition Composites is a leader in offering custom composites of the highest quality.  They are known for their excellent customer service and helping their clients achieve their composite design goals.  They serve an array of industries but specialize in the marine and military markets.  Northern Lights Solutions will be working with […]

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Quant Design Is a New NLS Customer

Quant Design appeals to their international clients through engineering, manufacturing resources, prototyping and thinking by design.  They assist customers in developing the tools necessary to achieve company goals for product development. Northern Lights Solutions would like to welcome Quant Design as a new customer.  We are looking forward to a great partnership. For more information […]

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Welcome Sun Microstamping Technologies

Sun Microstamping Technologies is a leader in the metal stamping and injection molding business.  They help their customers through the process of design, production, and setting up programs to implement solutions. Northern Lights Solutions would like to welcome Sun Microstamping Technologies as a new customer.  We are looking forward to a great partnership. For more […]

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By Light Selects NLS

NLS gladly answered the call of duty when By Light Professional IT Services approached us for help. We have been tasked with developing new communications equipment. Our experienced team use the latest in numerical methods to determine the effects of loads on physical components. We then use these results to optimize the design of these components and reduce time-consuming and expensive physical testing. About By Light […]

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Manufacturing Engineering for the New Toyota Camry

NLS has a long history of developing plastic parts, molds, and test fixtures. Because of this, we have been commissioned by Venture Plastics to provide manufacturing engineering services to design and develop check fixtures for its new Toyota Camry injection molding program. Confirming plastic part quality is all about understanding the functional requirements for the parts. In addition, […]

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Purchase Officials Seeks Our Design Engineering Expertise

Purchase Officials has reached out to NLS for our design engineering expertise. Specifically, the company contacted us to work on one of its devices to improve sound quality and ease of use. We are, of course, happy to oblige, and to be working with the company on its awesome line of referee equipment About Purchase Officials Supplies Purchase Officials is an […]

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