Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a new contract to create a digital prototype of carbon fiber composite products and simulate their performance from Competition Composites Inc.

Since 2002, Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) has been serving the global sailing and composites communities.  CCI offers quality and reliable products and services you can count on, from one-off custom development to short run production.

CCI has been a great customer for NLS and we have worked on several projects together over the years.  Our main focus together has been developing digital prototypes of new programs and evaluating their performance in the digital space and optimizing the designs based on these results.  This saves CCI and their customers time and money because we can simulate different designs and boundary conditions easily and know that once we go to production, the design is right for the situation.

We are excited to be working with our friends at CCI on another great project.  For more information about Competition Composites Inc please see their website at



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