The year is 2350 in the new SyFy TV Show Expanse.  In season 1, episode 5 as their spaceship hurls through space, it looks like 7 of the Northern Lights Solutions designed Kinetico Kube drinking water systems are used to take care of the crew!  Good to see our products still working hundreds of years in the future.


Kinetico was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1970 and are experts in creating fully automatic water treatment systems delivering the highest quality of drinking water.  Northern Lights Solutions worked with Kinetico on Kube to help bring life to an industrial design for a new undersink water filtration system that was targeted to sell in big box retail. Kube removes many contaminants that may be found in water including lead.

Kube will fit under any sink and dispenses filtered water from an existing faucet.  The water can be used for drinking or cooking and the device improves the quality, taste and smell of the water.  For more information on the innovative Kinetico Kube system, click here


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