Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been awarded a new product development contract with Triple Beam Technologies, Inc. for their new Cannibuster Marijuana test equipment.  With the legalization of marijuana in different capacities in some states, measures must be taken to make sure citizens are responsible with their consumption.  Steps must be in place to ensure individuals are not operating machinery at work or driving motorized vehicles.

Triple Beam Technologies based in Akron, Ohio were looking to develop a device that would measure if a person was under the influence of marijuana by testing the active ingredient THC in the bloodstream.  The handy tool would be found in police vehicles, the workplace and other appropriate avenues where they could administer a saliva test to someone that appeared to be impaired.  The device would also be marketed to individuals to keep at home to let them know if they are safe to drive.

Triple Beam Technologies came up with the concept but needed to hire a firm to take it to the next level with research and development.  Because of their impressive R&D skills Northern Lights Solutions were hired to collect data, to analyze results, and develop a hand held prototype.






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