NLS Receives Contract from Squared Up Corp
NLS Customer Squared Up Corporation

Northern Lights Solutions Inc is excited to announce that we have been issued a contract  from our new customer, Squared Up Corporation.  Squared Up Corporation is a sporting goods company that provides the only golf alignment aid which provides precision alignment for every club in the bag and works anywhere and anytime.

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Triple Beam Technologies Continues to Make the News
Triple Beam Technology

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. (NLS) customer Triple Beam Technologies continues to make the news with their new Cannibuster product.  In this video, the Cannibuster prototype product, designed by NLS, makes is first public debut.  We are very excited to be a part of the Triple Beam Technologies team and look forward to more great news […]

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NLS Contracted by Chinese Firm

Northern Lights Solutions is excited to announce that we have been contracted by Jumbo Home Deco’s Shanghai Factory on a new project.  Northern Lights Solutions major clients include not only US companies but global corporations across industries.  We address challenges our clients face and solve issues by providing expert analysis and functional engineering and scientific […]

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The Future of Design Engineering is Now

The future of design engineering now seems to be upon us.  SpaceX posted this video of hand gesture controlled 3D CAD.  As an engineer who has spent his career sitting in front of a computer screen with a mouse and a keyboard, I am so ready for this to happen    

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