Product Design in an Age of Tariffs Requires Flexibility
Tariff Rates by Country

A new customer recently asked us how we were going to design his product and organize the production in our new age of tariffs and non tariff barriers to trade?  I thought it was a great question and our answer is centered around flexibility. Tariffs are when a country tries to protect a domestic industry […]

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NLS Acquires New Connex350 3D Printer
Connex 350 3D Printing

Northern Lights Solutions is very excited about our new Stratasys Connex350 3D printing system.  Using pioneering PolyJet multi-material 3D printing technology, the Stratasys Connex350 creates stunning prototypes that are amazingly similar to finished products. The Stratasys Connex350 prints as many as 14 material properties simultaneously in a single part, to eliminate time-consuming assembly. With its 350 […]

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Cyber Physical Automation

Our automation group here at Northern Lights Solutions, has designed and built dozens of machines over the years controlled by PLC’s that record data, display information and make decisions about the quality of the products that have been manufactured.  The machine we are working on now is different.  This machine will be connected to the […]

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NLS Contracted by Chinese Firm

Northern Lights Solutions is excited to announce that we have been contracted by Jumbo Home Deco’s Shanghai Factory on a new project.  Northern Lights Solutions major clients include not only US companies but global corporations across industries.  We address challenges our clients face and solve issues by providing expert analysis and functional engineering and scientific […]

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Manufacturing Employment and Productivity

Here’s the situation: A company produces a product that lasts twice as long as its competitor’s, with some differences in labor and material, but each company produces the same number of units. Is their productivity the same?  Well, it depends on how you measure productivity.  When comparing the output of countries (rather than companies), it […]

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