New Contract from Rohrer
Rohrer is an NLS Client

Northern Lights Solutions Inc. is excited to announce a new contract with Rohrer to provide material testing services.  Based out of Cleveland, Ohio Rohrer is a leader in the consumer packaging industry.  Their vast offerings of packaging solutions are designed to be aesthetically friendly, provide protection of the merchandise, cost effective and environmentally friendly. With […]

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Roger Tipton to be Mentor for Research Experience for Undergraduates
USF REU Program

Northern Lights Solutions Inc. Principal, Roger Tipton, is supporting the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers by being being a mentor for the University of South Florida’s summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.  The College of Engineering REU program aims to give undergraduate students an opportunity to directly participate in research efforts […]

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NLS Receives Contract from Squared Up Corp
NLS Customer Squared Up Corporation

Northern Lights Solutions Inc is excited to announce that we have been issued a contract  from our new customer, Squared Up Corporation.  Squared Up Corporation is a sporting goods company that provides the only golf alignment aid which provides precision alignment for every club in the bag and works anywhere and anytime.

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Roger Tipton Gives Entrepreneurship Talk

Roger Tipton is scheduled to give a talk at the University of South Florida to undergraduate students on Entrepreneurship on June 25.  With a lifetime of opportunity and options ahead of them, today’s undergraduate students rarely think about becoming an entrepreneur and this lecture is an opportunity to hear from one of Tampa Bays leading […]

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NLS Awarded Contract by Nottingham Spirk
NS Logo

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a contract from Nottingham Spirk to provide services on one of their new programs.  For over 46 years, Nottingham Spirk has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated over $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. The business innovation and product design firm […]

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NLS Granted Contract for Cannibuster Product Development
Cannibuster Team

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been awarded a new product development contract with Triple Beam Technologies, Inc. for their new Cannibuster Marijuana test equipment.  With the legalization of marijuana in different capacities in some states, measures must be taken to make sure citizens are responsible with their consumption.  Steps […]

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NLS Awarded Contract to Develop Digital Prototypes for CCI

Northern Lights Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a new contract to create a digital prototype of carbon fiber composite products and simulate their performance from Competition Composites Inc. Since 2002, Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) has been serving the global sailing and composites communities.  CCI offers quality and reliable products and services you can count on, […]

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NLS Contracted by Chinese Firm

Northern Lights Solutions is excited to announce that we have been contracted by Jumbo Home Deco’s Shanghai Factory on a new project.  Northern Lights Solutions major clients include not only US companies but global corporations across industries.  We address challenges our clients face and solve issues by providing expert analysis and functional engineering and scientific […]

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Welcome Sun Microstamping Technologies

Sun Microstamping Technologies is a leader in the metal stamping and injection molding business.  They help their customers through the process of design, production, and setting up programs to implement solutions. Northern Lights Solutions would like to welcome Sun Microstamping Technologies as a new customer.  We are looking forward to a great partnership. For more […]

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